M107 the regenerative Inverter

The M107 inverter series supports 100% regeneration


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  • Power range is 5,5 to 55kW
  • 60% less installation effort
  • Same performance and options as standard A700
  • AC choke build in to reduce Harmonics and improve the power factor
  • Perfect for applications as:
    Crane/Hoist/Lift/Escalator/Unwinder/Press all kind of cyclic acc./dec
  • There is no special requirement for your installation
  • Harmonics and EMC issues can be handled like standard inverter
  • You save expensive energy consumption
  • You will not have problems with other consumers connected to the same MV-transformer

Energy saving by regenerating the power to main power supply has to be told to your power supply company!


The EN 50 160 and IEC 38 standards are related to the feedback energy. If you use the feedback energy in your system you don’t have to deal with these standards.



  • M107 inverter has a 2% built in AC choke
  • THDi during motor driving mode is same as FR-A740 with external
    2% AC choke.
  • THDi during regeneration is better than in driving mode.

If a smaller THDi level is required, then you can combine the inverter on request with our special passive net filter. Possible THDI with this filter in drive and regen mode is smaller 10% (typical 7%).


Regeneration Monitor

  • The regeneration monitor allows to visualize cumulated regenerated energy
  • High accuracy of the measurements
  • Two modes:
    – Actual regeneration [kW]
    – Accumulated regenerated energy [kWh]
  • The operation panel indication, when driving positive value ("+" is not indicated), when regenerating "-" value is shown.
  • When driving, the analogue signal output of built-in option, is positive, during regeneration it becomes "0".

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